September 3 Sunday
10:30a Worship

September 4 Monday
Labour Day (Church Office Closed)

September 6 Tuesday
5-9p Kokopelli Auditions

September 8 Friday
7:30-9p Good Shepherd Prayer

September 9 Saturday
11a -2p Good Shepherd Students Meet
10:30a Abby Road Service
5-9p Retrouvaille

September 10 Sunday
10:30a Worship
1-5p Kokopelli Registrations

September 11 Monday
11a LIME Board Meeting

September 12 Tuesday
11a Rutherford Heights
7-9p Rental

September 13 Wednesday
5-7:30p Kokopelli Auditions
7:30-9:30p Church Rental

September 14 Thursday
2p Queen Alex Service

September 16 Saturday
10a CELW Brunch & Leadership Meeting
6-9p Good Shepherd Potluck

September 17 Sunday
10:30a Worship
Executive & Full Council Meeting following the Service
4:30p Recital

September 19 Tuesday
7-9p Church Rental Boardroom
7-9:45p Church Rental Sanctuary & Upstairs

September 20 Wednesday
9:30a Mary Circle
1p Priscilla Circle
5-9:30p Church Rental

September 21 Thursday
6-9p Church Rental

September 22 Friday
9:30a Ladies Bible Study Resumes
7:30-9p Good Shepherd Prayer

September 24 Sunday
10:30a Worship

September 26 Tuesday
7-9:45p Church Rental

September 27 Wednesday
5-9:30p Church Rentals

September 29 Friday
9:30a Ladies Bible Study
7:30-9p Good Shepherd Retreat at Calvary

September 30 Saturday
9a-5:30p Good Shepherd Retreat
7p Youth/Adults Pizza Planning Night in the Youth Room
5:30-9p Good Shepherd Potluck