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  • Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church 10815 76 Avenue Northwest Edmonton, AB, T6E 1M1 Canada (map)

Earth Day is Sunday April 22

“What kind of stewardship practice could I implement daily?"  "Do my habits reflect my heart for God and a kindness and consideration for others?” "What could I actively change right now to live more by conviction?" As servants of a loving and involved Creator, each of us is accountable for his/her stewardship of this planet and the life with whom we share it. Earth day is certainly a good time to reflect on personal convictions and consumption habits.

Here are some ideas to help begin your pilgrimage in better stewardship:

  • Commit to learn 1 new thing each day about better stewardship of the land, animals and the planet.

  • Start a "Green Daily" journal and document what you discover, learn and read

  • Try going a full week without purchasing any plastics. Look for alternative packaging

  • Replace fast fashion shopping with thrift store shopping (Good Will, Salvation Army etc...)

  • Put a recycle bin in specific areas of the house where you are tempted to throw away recycle items as trash (paper, plastics etc.)

  • Surrender 1x use plastic shopping bags for reusable cloth bags. (keep them in your trunk for easy access)

  • Plan your route to work and take the bike instead of the car

  • Quantify fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts over meat consumption

  • Offer a carpool service to your neighbors or try the Edmonton bus system

  • Start volunteering at a community garden

  • Choose to say "no" to Styrofoam (a ubiquitous, non-biodegradable product). Opt for washable travel mugs instead

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